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What is AAMHO?

AAMHO is the Arizona Association of Manufactured Home, RV and Park Model Owners. Formed in 1987 with the merger of two regional manufactured home owner associations, AAMHO has become a powerful and influential advocate for Manufactured Home, RV and Park Model owners at the Federal, State and local levels.

AAMHO was influential in passage of the Arizona Mobile Home Park Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (LTA) and Arizona Recreational Vehicle Long-Term Rental Space Act (RV Act), which spells out the rights of Manufactured Home, RV and Park Model owners as well as the rights and responsibilities of park owners and managers.

AAMHO works with Manufactured Housing Community of Arizona (MHCA) and Southwest Fair Housing Council in maintaining positive relations between management and residents.  

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What can AAMHO do for me?

AAMHO is the only organization dedicated solely to protecting your quality of life. 

It was only through AAMHO and its legislative efforts in working to pass the powerful mobile/manufactured home owners’ “Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” – officially titled “Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act” and “Arizona Recreational Vehicle Long-Term Rental Space Act – that you now enjoy legal protection.

What has AAMHO done for us lately?

To be updated……

 What are the benefits of AAMHO membership?

Strength in numbers… a large group, AAMHO can be a viable political force and do something at the Legislative level– mainly by the number of votes we as an organization can muster.  Our Legislative Committee alerts the members when they need to contact their legislators to support or vote against a bill that is being considered. We work with park management, in accordance with the law, to work out issues. 

Every AAMHO member has a voice and voting rights!

AAMHO worked for establishment of the Relocation Fund to help residents move when, among other things, their park is sold for non-residential use, re-purposed, or when a 55+ park has been designated a family park.

Where does my dues money go?

AAMHO has only two paid employees: Our Office Manager, who keeps everything coordinated and running smoothly, and; our lobbyist, who monitors the legislative Bills, lobbies members of the Legislature on our behalf, and keeps us up to date on the issues. Everyone else, from the Board of Directors to the District Directors to the Associate Directors are all volunteers. The rest of our funds goes for overhead, and for such things as printing forms and documents, publications, handbooks, educational supplies and programs, postage, office supplies, running educational programs, etc.

Money for our General Fund, Legal Fund and Legislative Support Fund comes from individual donations.

How do I contact AAMHO if I have a problem?

Many parks have AAMHO park officers, to help you. They hold regular meetings in the park and will assist you if you have an issue with park management. If your park doesn’t have an AAMHO representative, you may call AAMHO directly at 1-480-966-6955 or 1-800-221-6955. You may also email the office at

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