District 1

AAMHO Annual Meeting – February 11, 2017

District 1 Director’s Report:

Each year District 1 set out with 4 meetings.  All the members in this area which includes Mesa, and some of Apache Junction, are welcome to come to any and all of the meetings.  Our district meetings are set a year in advance for November, December, January and February.  These meetings take place on the second Saturday of each month.  We usually have our elections in February, but because the Annual meeting was set for February 11, 2017 we held the elections in January. This year at the January meeting, Kelly Yielding was re-elected as the District 1 Director.  Pat Sunia, the secretary, was also re-elected.  Pat spends a great deal of time putting together meeting places for the membership.  Part of her responsibilities include taking minutes and keeping the entire membership up-to-date on things that are going on in the district.  She has made sure that if there are things that need to be sent to members in this district they get out.  Pat is a very involved person and we are lucky she will continue her volunteering this new year.

District 1 is made up of 96 parks.  Of these parks 61 have active membership and 35 are inactive.  As of December 31, 2016 the total membership is 1384.  This is the largest membership of any other district in the state.

Many of the parks in this district have reported minor issues within their parks.  On an average the issues that come from phone calls and e-mails include questions about rent, leases, and notices of any change.

This is a great District to be a part of and I am glad to be the representative for all who live in this area of the state.

Kelly Yielding/District 1 Director/d1director@aamho.org

District 1 Meeting Minutes, January 14, 2017

by District Secretary Pat Sunia

Meeting called to order by Kelly Yielding, Dist 1 Director.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited and moment of silence for our troops held.

Minutes of the December 10th meeting were read by Secretary Pat Sunia.  Motion made by KathyHighland, second by Kathleen Meyer to accept minutes as read.  Motion carried.

Eileen introduced the head table: Don Bremer,1st VP of AAMHO and Asst Dir Dist 1 and Eileen Green, President of AAMHO and representative Dist 4.

Election of officers for Dist 1 was held.  Pat Sunia asked for nominations for Dist 1 Director.  Kelly Yielding was nominated for Dist 1 Director.  There being no further nominations, Kelly was elected Dist 1 Director. Kelly Yielding asked for nominations for secretary and the name of Pat Sunia was entered.  There being no further nominations, Pat was elected Secretary.

Kelly talked about the annual meeting to be held on February 11 at Holiday Inn, Mesa.  There will be lunch and several guest speakers.  Also refreshments in the morning will be served.  Please try to attend.

Legislation being introduced this session covers park models.  It includes notice of having to move and payment for moving.  AAMHO met with representatives of MCHA about the legislation and they were favorable.

Hearings are being heard on violations in various parks.  Don Bremer told about his park raising rent twice in one year.  He stated that he became 1st Vice President of AAMHO and we need more members.  Eileen Green, President of AAMHO told everyone that she hoped to see them at the annual meeting and Anniversary party.

Affordable living committee – it was found that there was no representative from manufactured home community.  AAMHO is now involved with this committee.

AAMHO will help parks take issues to court if their park is in violation of L & T Act.

Cody, USA Insurance, talked about their coverage that they offer.  Flood insurance is necessary here in AZ.  He told about how he helped AAMHO come into being and he asked that everyone go out and get two new members to join.  They held a drawing for a trip prize.

Gordon Russell, MesaVillage, told about being charged for electric, sewer, water, and gas when not in AZ.  He wanted help in fighting this issue.  It would raise their rent about $500 per year.

Sunrise Vista told about their manager telling current residents they are not covered under new legislation passed on landscaping because that only applies to new residents.  Kelly informed them that when they get a new lease, they are covered under the new legislation.

Kelly informed all that when they get a new lease they have 10 days to sign it.  Read it, do not sign with blank spaces, and get a copy for your files.

There were 18 parks represented, and 47 people present.  50-50 drawing was held and $70 was donated to Legal Fund.

Meeting Adjourned.

2017-18 meetings.  After discussion, it was decided to move November meeting to Nov 18th.  Meeting was scheduled for Veteran’s Day and most parks have a Veteran’s program.  So we need park to host November 18 meeting and December 9th meeting in 2017.  January & February are already booked.  Please contact me if your park wants to host one of these meetings.

Pat Sunia

District 1 Meeting Minutes, December 10, 2016

by District Secretary Pat Sunia

Meeting was called to order by Dist 1 Director Kelly Yielding.  Flag salute was recited and a moment of silence was held for our troops.

Minutes of the November 12th meeting were read by Secretary Pat Sunia.  Motion made by Ray Deaver, second by Judy Fisher to accept as read.  Motion carried.

Kelly also introduced Vice President Don Bremer, AAMHO at the head table.

Kelly thanked Mesa Dunes for hosting this meeting today.

Kelly asked if there were any problems in parks that wanted to discuss their situation.  She said that AAMHO is working hard to protect park models.  The Dept of Housing supports increasing the coverage of the relocation fund for moving.

Kelly also stated that the 30th Anniversary of AAMHO will be celebrated at the Annual Meeting of AAMHO on February 11 at Holiday Inn in Mesa.  Please make your reservations soon.

RV owners were dissatisfied with rental agreement because the park increased rents with no warning.  They were not given 30 day notice.

We will hold our election of Dist 1 officers in January.

Mesa Dunes RV residents wanted a meeting with Kelly and they have set Dec 29th for that meeting.

Don Bremer told about a May hearing about an increase in rent.  There was no 90 day notice and then they made another increase after residents took action on first increase.

There was another park that wanted to increase rent to pay for the property purchase.

Don Bremer is moving to a new park and relocation fund is not sufficient to cover cost.  Increase to relocation fund being taken to legislature.

Today there were 16 parks represented and 70 in attendance.

To find what is happening at hearing go to Office of Administrative Hearings AZ and you can find results of what has been decided.

Cielo Grande found that their new manager had not taken the training course for managing a Manufactured Park within 6 month time limit.  Training fine will be assessed and he has now gone through the AAMHO training.

50-50 drawing was held and $44 was donated to Legal fund.

Next meeting will be January 14 at Val Vista Village

Meeting adjourned.

District 1 Meeting Minutes, November 12, 2016

by District Secretary Pat Sunia

Meeting was called to order by Kelly Yielding, Dist 1 Director.  Flag salute and moment of silence for our troops was held.  Kelly asked for special thoughts for her son who is a chaplain in the Armed Forces at this time.

Minutes of the February 13 meeting were read.  Motion to accept made by Lyle Shrunk, second by John Nudge.  Motion carried.

Cody of USA Insurance was introduced to the group.  He explained about working in Arizona to get different mobile home residents to join together to form AAMHO 30 years ago.  He explained about dues of $40.00 being just 11 cents per day for all the protection that you get from AAMHO.  USA Insurance only sells for A rated companies.  This is the best coverage that you can get for your mobile home or park model.

Our February 11th meeting our dist 1 meeting has been cancelled because the annual meeting of AAMHO will be that day.   The meeting will be held at Holiday Inn, in Mesa on Country Club Drive. This is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of AAMHO.  Kelly also introduced Don Bremer, Vice President of AAMHO and Asst Dir Dist 1 and John Nudge, Web Master for AAMHO.

AAMHO Connection letter is being mailed bi-monthly to all members.  December issue is coming out soon.

There is a proposal to do an increase to the allocation fun.  There is not sufficient money allotted to move a mobile home.  If this is agreed upon, the legislation will be introduced to the legislature for increasing the amount given for moves.

CieloGrandePark told of some of the court actions that have been taken against management.  They are still continuing fights with management   Brentwood also told of continuing problems.

Mary Oberton, Sun Rise Vista, told about natural growth that has grown around her home and the park is requiring her to remove the problems.  She cannot pay to have the items removed.  She was instructed to write a letter to management requesting that they remove the hazards.

Questions were asked about the water supply to residents.  The park is responsible for water connections that go to the sight.  From the park water connection to your house is your responsibility.  There was a question asked about potlucks and if they could happen.  Yes, there was legislation passed to say that you could have potlucks.  There was also discussion on garbage charges when not there in park.

AAMHO dues bills are being sent out now.  If you have not received yours bill yet, contact office.

There were 27 parks represented and 75 members present.

50-50 drawing was held and $89.00 was added for legal fund.

USA Insurance held there drawing.

Next meeting will be December 10 at Mesa Dunes.

Meeting adjourned.