District 3

AAMHO Annual Meeting –¬†February 11, 2017

District 3 Director’s Report:

My name is Jerry Shumate I am the Education Director and District 6 Director. I have been working with your District as you do not have a District 3 Director or an Associate Director for your District. You need to be represented at the Board meetings and have someone trained in your area to help the people in District 3. Anyone that would enjoy taking this very rewarding position on, please contact me. I will help you learn the position and be an aid for you as will the other board members. You can call me direct at 928 247-9088 or cell 707 322-1066.

We need to encourage our park members to join AAMHO to keep the Landlord Tenant Act in force for our protection.  There is safety in numbers of members in your park. The more members we have the more power we have with the legislature. There are 72 parks in your District of which 48 have active members in AAMHO. There are 426 active members in all of your parks.

There was a District 3 meeting in Peoria on November 5, 2016 at which Eileen Green our President, Kelly Yelding our Legislative Director, Pat Schoneck our Membership Director and Don Bremer our Vice President were present.

We need to get more people involved with AAMHO as we are the only group working to protect the Landlord Tenant Act (LTA). There is a class offered that teaches the LTA to you so you know your rights. To have one in your park or District contact me or any other board member or our office.

As I stated before we need to increase our membership more, your growth in December was 7 new members. Need to tell your neighbors about us and get them to join.  We need a District Director and/or Associate Director.

Remember I am here to help you if you have a problem in your park. Let me know of any training you need. I will attend any of your park meetings I am invited to.

Looking forward to meeting all of you,

Jerry Shumate/District 6 Director