District 4

AAMHO Annual Meeting – February 11, 2017

District 4 Director’s Report:

District 4 is in the Southeastern part of Arizona and includes Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties.  This includes 72 parks.

District Four held their 4 meetings this year and we would like to Thank Swan Lake Estates, Quail Ridge and Tucson Meadows for hosting them.

They have been well attended.  At the December meeting new officers were elected to serve for the 2017 year.    Carol Judd of Quail Ridge was elected Director, Pat Schoneck of Swan Lake Estates re-elected as Associate Director.  No one was elected as Secretary and Carol Judd was asked to find someone from her Unit to serve in this position.  They will be approved at the March meeting.

Much interest in the LTA Classes has been generated and 2 classes, plus one  Park Officers Training Class were taught.  A first for 4th District is that we were able to host a Managers Certification Class at Friendly Village Estates in Tucson, with 8 Managers attending.  Also attending was Rachel Beaty of Southwest Fair Housing.  Our goal is to educate all residents of Manufactured Homes, Park Models, and RV Owners through out the State on the Landlord Tenant Act to their Rights and Responsibilities.  Over the year we have visited over half of the parks in our area and look forward to visiting the rest of them in the coming year.  We visited a couple of Parks who had dropped considerably in membership and one of them had 103 residents in attendance.  They have now scheduled and LTA Class.

Much work was done to help Rancho Los Amigo’s residents as the Park closed.  They have a great deal of concerns as their Units received damage in the moving process and were not assembled properly.

Eileen and Pat attended meetings at many parks, meeting the managers  to shake their hands and show that our motto is “Co operation not Confrontation.”  On the whole we met many residents and managers with smiling faces and it has been a good year.  We wish Carol the very best as she takes on her new endeavor.

Pat Schoneck/District 4 Associate Director