District 5

AAMHO Annual Meeting – February 11, 2017

District 5 Director’s Report: 

The area included in District 5 spans from Pinetop to Kingman.  There are 55 total parks in this area.  The total active parks in this district are 29 and there are 26 inactive parks.  The membership as of December 31, 2016 was 346.

Since May of last year this district has been without a District Director.  For many years, Ron Feinstein worked close with parks in this district.  The people who live in this district are a very friendly group of people, as are so many in our state. They maintain their memberships even without a Director.  With his passing in May the AAMHO Board of Directors, together with all other District Directors, have traveled to meet with residents in the area to ensure that any problems, issues or concerns were addressed.

Many of the issues were easy to answer and in many cases travel was not necessary. However, for one park in the Camp Verde area the concerns were such that it was necessary to travel to meet more than once. It was a real pleasure to meet with the residents and learn that the Mayor of the city, Charlie German, was interested enough to attend an open forum meeting in the Town Hall with residents. The town’s people were grateful for his appearance and he tried to help as much as his position would allow. Kelly Yielding and Eileen Green met with Mr. German to talk about the park and to learn more about the meetings. He was very eager to share his experiences and to learn more about AAMHO. We thank him for caring.

After several meetings, and by the decision of the residents, a Petition was filed. Later this was dropped by the residents. Some have decided to move elsewhere and those who stayed will be monitoring the situation.

It is the goal of this Board to try and find someone to work in Ron’s place to continue providing service for the district but until that happens we will continue to share this area between all other District Directors.

If anyone is interested in getting information about District 5, the area, the opening, and the requirements for District Director please contact the office and someone will get in touch with you.