District 6

AAMHO Annual Meeting – February 11, 2017

District 6 Director’s Report:

This has been a quiet year in our district.  Things are looking up in our area as our parks are fuller this year.  Talk about AAMHO to your neighbors and new residents, if you are not sure what to say I will come to one of your meetings and speak about AAMHO. You call me direct at 928 247-9088 or cell 707 322-1066.

We need to encourage our park members to join AAMHO to keep the Landlord Tenant Act in force for our protection.  There is safety in numbers of members in your park. The more members we have the more power we have with the legislature.

We had District 6 meetings in November 2016 and January 2017. The next District 6 meeting will be late March or early April, look in your AAMHO Connection for date and location.

There is a training class for Landlord Tenant Act on March 6th at Sunrise Mobile Estates in Yuma. If you are interested in attending this class, please call me ahead of time so I will have training materials for you cost is $5.00 per person. If you want one in your park let you Park Officers know. The more we know the better we are protected.

The areas of concern in our district were electrical charges in the RV Parks; leases when are they given to the residents and do you have to sign them; guest charges; and the use of vacant lots.

We still have a lot of homes for sale and vacant lots in our parks. This is due to three problems: one is that our economy has not fully recovered; the second is the dollar rate of the Canadian dollar; and we are also an older age group and there have been many deaths this year. It is noted that the number of unit sales has been increasing this year.

Remember I am here to help you if you have a problem in your park. Let me know of any training you need. I will attend any of your park meetings I am invited to.  Looking forward to meeting all of you.

Jerry Shumate/District 6 Director

Valerie Shumate/District 6 Associate Director

District 6 Meeting Minutes, January 14, 2017

by District Secretary Valerie Shumate


Meeting opened at 10:05 by District 6 Director Jerry Shumate with a total of 7 people in attendance: Pete McNeil, Vince & Sandy Coppola, Debra Reynolds, DaVawn Beattie, and Jerry & Valerie Shumate. No minutes from previous October 29 District 6 meeting were kept/Secretary absent due to illness.

Jerry asked if March 6 was a good date for the LTA class to be held at Sunrise. He then spoke about upcoming February 11 Annual Meeting, stressing importance of early pre-registration and attending. He discussed AAMHO HB2176 and MHCA HB2072 that would be going to legislature this year and how they will affect us. Park President Vince Coppola asked Jerry to speak about these bills at the park AAMHO meeting Tuesday January 17.

Jerry then asked if anyone present had any questions for him or any concerns they would like AAMHO to look into.  Park Vice President Pete McNeil said he was concerned about how manufactured homes are evaluated for taxation. He said taxes are based on original price of the home and not today’s prices….

Vince wanted Jerry to talk with managers about asking if corporate owners of park would come to a meeting in the park or meet with a delegation of park officers.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:15

Jerry Shumate

Education & District 6 Director