District 7

AAMHO Annual Meeting – February 11, 2017

District 7 Director’s Report:

Here we are another year gone by. District 7 has a total of 35 parks. Of those parks only 20 are active. My goal for the next year is to improve on those figures and hopefully get more people to want to be active with AAMHO.  As of December 2016 we have 389 paid members, I welcome all new members and thank those of you who have supported our cause for the years gone by.

Due to a serious illness, I was forced to take some time off to receive treatment. I am back now and still dedicated to helping our members understand their rights as mobile home owners.

Darlene Schaubhut, and Robert Tripi were elected as Associate Directors for our district. Carl Cross was re-elected as our District 7 secretary and we are quite fortunate to have him. I was also re-elected. Thank you all for supporting us.

AAMHO has been very busy this past year getting legislation passed as well as representing several members in hearings. We need to continue to grow as there is strength in numbers. Let us make it our goal in this next year to spread the word of how AAMHO helps homeowners.

Rose Misener/District 7 Director

District 7 Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2017

The District Seven AAMHO meeting was held on January 7, 2017 at 10:10 am at the Roadrunner MHP clubhouse. Donuts were furnished by Rose Misener, and coffee was furnished by the host park. As delegates registered, minutes of the last meeting were passed out. The US flag was posted and Rose Misener led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting was called to order by District Director Rose Misener. Additional officers present were Associate Directors Robert Tripi and Darlene Schaubhut and Secretary Carl Cross. Motion by Ms. Gratia, 2nd by Kurt Snell to approve the minutes of the October 8, 2016 meeting as presented. Roll call showed 4 parks represented and 15 members present.

Rose started out by clarifying that the postcards announcing upcoming meetings are no longer being mailed out by the office. Instead, all meetings for the next two months are listed in the bimonthly Connection newsletter.

Two items of legislation were enacted in 2016 that affected manufactured home residents. One prohibited park management from requiring residents to include the name of everyone living in the home on the title. This was taken to a hearing which resulted in a law being passed which is included in the LTA. The second bill involved the trimming of trees which generated a lengthy discussion. Rose read the official language and explained that “for new tenants who are moving into a mobile home park, any rental agreements that are executed or adopted after December 21, 2016, shall specifically disclose in writing any requirement that the tenant maintain one or more existing trees located on the mobile home space. Any change regarding the tenant’s obligation to maintain any one or more trees located on the mobile home space constitutes a substantial modification of the rental agreement.” Arizona Revised Statutes §33-1434 (C-D).

One of AAMHO’s primary goals for legislation in 2017 is getting park model owners the same protection as mobile home owners. Currently, the LTA is written mainly to protect the rights of mobile home owners living in a park. AAMHO is working with MHCA, the park owners association, to come to an agreement to include the large number of park model owners under the LTA.

For many years, mobile home residents have learned to depend on the Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety. This department designation no longer exists. The same people and their responsibilities are now in the Office of Manufactured Housing under the Arizona Department of Housing. The person to contact is Joni Cage at (602) 364-1003.

There were several questions regarding the lease agreements at the host park. Residents were concerned that the fact that the park was on Tribal land and that the long-term lease was up in 2½ years was not made evident in their leases. Unfortunately, this issue is not part of the LTA and is something that residents will need to work out with their manager. AAMHO is not in any position to offer legal advice.

Rose then encouraged everyone to consider attending the 30th Annual Meeting in February at the Holiday Inn in Mesa, at Country Club and the US 60. It will be a special celebration with many guest speakers and special guests. Registration includes pastries and fruit upon arrival, and a served luncheon. Special room rates are available for those wishing to stay at the hotel.

Rose also encouraged people to consider attending a Board meeting by making reservations, with the goal being that they may feel that they can help more by volunteering for open positions.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.

Respectfully submitted

Carl Cross, Secretary