• The State Bar of Arizona can help you find a lawyer here in Arizona. Go to and click on “Find a Lawyer” or go directly to the link   Anonymously post your legal need, receive responses from interested lawyers, and review and select the best lawyer for you.  This is an open program not limited to low-income families.  For further information, contact: State Bar of Arizona, 4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85016-6266 Phone 602.252.4804 or 866.48.AZBAR
  • Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc(SALA) provides free civil legal aid services to low-income individuals and families in southern and southeastern Arizona, including 11 of Arizona’s Native American tribes.  Includes Pima, Cochise, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, Pinal and Santa Cruz counties, plus Apache
    Phone 520.623.9465 or 800.248.6789
    Must qualify for low income.
  • Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education which you may find useful. For their complete listing of services, go to
  • Arizona Attorney General’s Office (Prescott)
    Phone 928.778-1265
  • Community Services of Arizona, Inc.
    Phone 480.963.6276 or 800.471.8247
  • Arizona Center for Disability Law (Phoenix)
    Phone 602.274-6287 or 800.927.2260
  • Arizona Center for Disability Law (Tucson)
    Phone 520.327.9547 or 800.922.1447Arizona Community Action Association
    Phone 602.604.0640
  • Arizona Senior Citizens Law Project
    Phone 602.252.6710
  • ARIZONA OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS – MEDIATION SERVICE When citizens interact with state agencies, disputes can arise.  Resolution of the disputes often generates administrative litigation. Litigation, however, is not the only method of resolving administrative disputes. In the words of bestselling author Max Lucado – “Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.”

SEARCHING PETITION DECISIONS Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings AAMHO believes in “Transparency.”  Reading case transcripts might illuminate AAMHO’s decision that education and legislation outweigh litigation. 

  • GO TO WEBSITE: Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings.
  • At the Home Page: Scroll down left side to locate and Click on SEARCH ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE DECISIONS
  • Second Page: Searching Administrative Law Judge Decisions (Link Below) Click on DECISION SEARCH
  • Third Page: AZOAH Decision Search. Scroll down to: AGENCY.
  • Select ARIZONA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING – LTA from the pull-down menu.
  • Enter the Date range: From: 01/01/16 To: 12/28/21 (optional).
  • Click on SEARCH

*The Fourth Page will show you your results: AzDOH Decision Search“Your search returned 19 results.” (In blue).

  • Click on the blue link for the decision you would like to read. i.e., 21F-LTA2021004-ADH