Educational Programs 

AAHMO created AEMPRO (Association for the Education of Manufactured, Park Model, and RV Home Owners) to facilitate educational programs to ensure you and all residents fully understand your Rights and Responsibilities.  AEMPRO is a non-profit 501(c)3 volunteer association.  Donations to AEMPRO are federal tax deductible.

Classes and Seminars 

AEMPRO partners with the Arizona Association of Manufactured Home Owners (AAMHO) to deliver out-standing educational opportunities for you.

The Landlord Tenant Act Class provides an in-depth look at the Arizona Revised Statutes pertaining to you as a resident of a  park community. This program offers you the opportunity to discover how to navigate the LTA and find the answers to questions that may arise in your park community.

Responsibilities of both the tenant and landlord are discussed; what is legally required in a rental agreement; and a discussion about the Arizona Relocation Fund.

The LTA 101 Workshop provides valuable information you can, and will, use (written rental agreements, statement of policy, 30-day notice for changes in rules and regulations, tenants’ rights, and much more!)

The AEMPRO instructors who teach these classes do so as volunteers, donating countless hours and covering their own travel expenses throughout Arizona.

 AEMPRO (Association for the Education of Manufactured, Park Model, and RV Home Owners) has taken on the education role previously operated by AAMHO. Learn more at